14 - 15 October, 2020, 127, Amathountos Street, 4533 Limassol, Cyprus

Dear collegues,

Global Invention Forum in Cyprus will take place on 14-15 October, 2020 in Limassol, the Republic of Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus lies on the crossroad of 3 continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, and due to that acts as one of the key world financial centers, while geographical situation makes it easily accessible for the residents of the countries of the international innovative society from all over the world. Nowadays, technologies play the role of the fundamental parameter for the raise of effectiveness and increase of the economic development of the country.

In particular, Cyprus started to invest into the creation of the new image of the country as innovation state. The country wants to keep the stable position as a reliable investment partner and center of innovative activity. In 2017 Cyprus started to attract the innovative business by giving start-up visas to businessmen whose innovative projects have a big growth potential. 

Over the last few years the Academy of Science, new educational institutions, technological parks and many centers of technology transfer appeared in Cyprus, which assist the creation, growth and development of innovative companies in the region, as well as the cooperation between commercial and research sectors.

Our authoritative partner, International Innovation Club "Archimedes" with support of IFIA (International Federation of Inventors' Associations), Invest Cyprus and International Alliance of Innovation & Invention Associations, organizes Global Invention Forum in Cyprus.


  • International exhibition of intellectual property and intellectual property designations: inventions, computer programs, databases and industrial samples, trademarks and brand names – products and services manufactured under the proper trademark (brand), logotypes, corporate identity; 
  • Presentation of selected projects and technologies of national delegations to potential investors;

The projects compete for awards in the following classes:

  • IT and technology of data processing and storage;
  • Biotechnology, genetic engineering and medicine;
  • Pollution control and environmental protection, waste management;
  • Science-technical creativity of youth;
  • Hygiene, cosmetics, veterinary;
  • Agriculture and food industry;
  • High technology and electronics
  • Extraction and processing of hydrocarbons;
  • Industrial design;
  • Construction and construction materials;
  • Technology of new and renewable energy sources;
  • Transport;
  • Trademarks and brand names (nomination “Trademark LEADER”: products and services, manufactured under the proper trademark (brand name), logotypes, corporate identity of the companies), etc.

All the projects will be evaluated by the Expert Council and International Jury and the best ones will be awarded with medals and special prizes of the Forum and its partners.

We invite owners of intellectual property and intellectual property designations: industrial companies, organizations, creative teams, individual inventors, members of IFIA, International Innovation Club "Archimedes" and other partner organizations. Participation in Forum will empower you as the members of the world inventor’s community and open wide horizons for realization of your potential.

See you at Global Invention Forum in Cyprus!

Best regards,
Directorate of Global Invention Forum in Cyprus



Global invention forum in Cyprus